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Forming a Trust in California

Trusts in general are an exceptionally versatile and flexible estate-planning tool.  Forming a Trust in California can accomplish a lot of what a last will and testament in California does, distributing your assets to heirs but without the need for a California probate.  In addition, some irrevocable trusts can help reduce estate taxes, ensure Medi-Cal […] Read more

California Estate Administration Graphic

“Grief is,” as noted by Queen Elizabeth II, “the price we pay for love.”  And mourning the loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences most people go through.  During that trying period, surviving family members are also faced with what can be, to the uninitiated, an unfamiliar and potentially intimidating […] Read more

San Diego Citi Scape to Illustrate Estate Planning to Fit CA Lifestyle

When you need directions, the two most important pieces of information are where you are now and where you’re trying to go.  You can’t rely on just any map – you need a map that takes you to the destination you want to reach.  And it’s nice to have a guide who knows the terrain […] Read more