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Revocable living trusts are immensely valuable tools in estate planning.  During life, the trust’s grantor (a/k/a “settlor” or “trustor”) can continue benefiting from trust assets as a named beneficiary—and even continue controlling trust assets as trustee.  Upon death, assets held in the trust are excluded from the grantor’s probate estate, saving time and money and […] Read more

Today’s article is considers the idea of web based, do it yourself “DIY” estate planning in California. Some of you reading may have already obtained a web based California last will or California trust, or other essential documents OR you may be considering this approach. Certainly this is a reasonable thought given the ease and […] Read more

In yesterday’s post, we talked about second marriages and how that can complicate in the state plan. And then we kind of talked about the types of problems that can arise with the state plans when you have a second spouse and you have kids from a previous marriage and how you might have issues […] Read more

Today’s topic is a hot one in the world of estate planning. Florida state planning in particular is pretty crazy when it comes to second marriages. So I may use some examples from Florida even though this is really you know, a national issue no matter what state you’re, you’re listening in. And an examples […] Read more

California Last Will and Testament

When most people think of estate planning, they think of wills.  And for good reason.  A California last will and testament (since we are talking about California) provides a means, recognized by statute and the common law, of establishing once and for all what happens to the property of the testator (i.e., the person who […] Read more

Today we’re going to talk about California estate planning and life insurance which is another important part of the California estate planning process. A lot lot of people don’t think about, and even estate planning attorneys don’t even have it at the top of their mind. And that is life insurance strategies for estate planning […] Read more

Today I want to talk about some high profile cases, just to illustrate what happens when planning isn’t done the right way or you know, maybe there was a just a lapse and somebody elected to adopt the no plan. And so I get two different cases that we want to run by cause I […] Read more

Forming a Trust in California

Trusts in general are an exceptionally versatile and flexible estate-planning tool.  Forming a Trust in California can accomplish a lot of what a last will and testament in California does, distributing your assets to heirs but without the need for a California probate.  In addition, some irrevocable trusts can help reduce estate taxes, ensure Medi-Cal […] Read more

California Estate Administration Graphic

“Grief is,” as noted by Queen Elizabeth II, “the price we pay for love.”  And mourning the loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences most people go through.  During that trying period, surviving family members are also faced with what can be, to the uninitiated, an unfamiliar and potentially intimidating […] Read more

San Diego Citi Scape to Illustrate Estate Planning to Fit CA Lifestyle

When you need directions, the two most important pieces of information are where you are now and where you’re trying to go.  You can’t rely on just any map – you need a map that takes you to the destination you want to reach.  And it’s nice to have a guide who knows the terrain […] Read more